Do not sell your family home without first making use of our service.

Are you reluctant to move out of your beloved family home in an area that you know and trust, but finding the garden too much work and accept that it might be wise and make life easier to move to a single-level apartment?
These are all fully understandable thoughts that we regularly hear from our customers. If you are having them too, then it is time to contact us for a non-binding potential analysis.

In the single-family home sector in particular, the new legislation on spatial planning has resulted in the potential for consolidation multiplying in some cases. Plots with just one house at the moment can now potentially be used to build five apartments. Doing this can not only be financially lucrative, but also offer you new and attractive housing options. Perhaps you would like to live in the penthouse apartment of a new building but in the exact same location as before?

We will gladly show you the potential of your property and possible organisation options without any obligation.
We look forward to hearing from you.